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PPC advertising also called Google AdWords or just Google ‘Ads refers to the form of search engine marketing that allows company websites advertised on the top side of search engine results for selected keyword searches. These appear as ‘Ads’ within the major search engines. As the name pay per click advertising suggests, payment for the advertising is based on the number of clicks an ad receives.

Benefits of PPC are:
  • Increases revenue, sales and leads
  • Boosts Traffic to your Website
  • It is smarter than other forms of advertising
  • PPC Increase Brand Recognition with remarketing
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your PPC advertisement
How PPC Works

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is often a step by step, complex process. Its success is dependent on a range of variables, such as budget determination, keyword selection, search engine selection, bid placement, ad creation and campaign review, each of which are explained below.

  • Keyword Selection
  • Budget Determination
  • Ad Creation
  • Bid Placement
  • Campaign Review
  • PPC Campaign Monitoring

Industries We Serve

With the right selection of keywords, a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign can be a very cost effective form of digital marketing. Each keyword can be individually evaluated, allowing careful monitoring of the campaign and ensuring only the most valuable keywords are retained.

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